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¿Creerías que esta mujer tiene 61 años y tiene este cuerpazo?

Yazemeenah Rossi  tiene 61 años y conserve un cuerpo de 20.

Foto: Instagram yazemeenahrossi
Foto: Instagram yazemeenahrossi

Yazemeenah Rossi  nació en Corcega y  ha sobresalido por tener un cuerpo de infarto, a sus 61 años es considerada  'la abuela más sexy de Instagram' y revela cuál es el secreto de la eterna juventud.

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La modelo francesa afirma que jamás se ha realizado cirugías estéticas y el secreto de mantener un buen cuerpo es gracias a una alimentación equilibrada y unos minutos de ejercicio en las mañanas, Rossi quien tiene dos hijos y dos nietos, ha demostrado que se puede llegar a la vejez con vitalidad.

La modelo a través de sus redes sociales comparte con sus seguidores los consejos para llevar una vida sana y aseguró que en la meditación, la comida orgánica y en lo natural está el secreto de la eterna juventud.

“No uso crema bronceadora, hago mi propia loción con aceite de germen de trigo, aceite de semillas de zanahoria y aceite de frambuesas. Y tomo el sol entre 15 y media hora diaria. No más” afirma la modelo.


Yazemeenah @hotelcaladigreco_bonifacio . My body temple... my teacher... I witness that on the long run a simple daily practice and healthy diet gives results without being under hard diet, intensive sport practice and frustration. I love food...while aging I become quite “lazy”in fact simply because there is a need for the body to rest. I eat everything in moderation and practice a little of basic Yoga everyday since more than 30 years and it works. Resting is very important, I was not realizing this when I was younger, now I slow down since some years... if I overwhelm my body he will found a way to make me stop to get the rest he needs like recently. I lived some intense weeks traveling a lot, working and dealing with a lot of issues and got sick because it was too much to deal with and I had needed to rest . I got the flue during my trip en Germany and still had it some days after coming back in Corsica and during my stay at Cala Di Greco .The dive in a lake at sunset in Germany for a tv commercial has been quite dense on my body already weakened by long trips without recovery... as this stay in this beautiful luxury resort was planed for a shooting I did not canceled it and took on the few energy I had left to shoot and became much more sick and very down my body haven’t got the rest he needed it after Germany. It is a good experience that deepened even more my already fine consciousness about my body’s needs. It is by the body that I learnt the more about myself, it is such a wonderful allie to live fully the human experience. We have to cherish our precious vehicle because only us are in our skin and can do the work for ourselves. Dedication and respect are keys for wellbeing. . . . . . . . . #body#needs#resting#temple#precious#amazing#vehicle#human#experience#fitbody #dedication#love#resoect#selfportrait#fashion #fashionshooting#selflove#yogabody #yogalover#fitness#diet#foodlover#corsica#bonifacio#bikini#

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